Regardless of the ups and downs in the Shipping Business, regardless of the competition that we face from seafarers of other nationalities being employed at sea – Employment of the Indian Seafarer continues to be one of the top choices for Ship Owners/ Managers across the globe


This has not happened by ‘chance’!



It is time to congratulate the BEST within the Maritime Industry alike – for the efforts, innovation, perseverance & hard work that they put in, so as to ensure that the “Indian Seafarer” not only gets the BEST training, but also the BEST opportunities for employment & the BEST services at sea.


Every Crew Manager, Training Institute & Marine Service Provider will agree that the best appreciation which can be achieved in this line of business is to get recognized by none other, but the ‘SEAFARER’ him/herself & Service Providers be recognised by their clients


With the above fundamentals at the base, Offing has conceptualized the unique “Indian Maritime Choice Awards”, which we believe is aptly titled as “Voice of the Maritime Industry”


In addition to the earlier categories for Crew Management & Training Institutes, we have included categories for Cruise Companies, Individual Trainers & Marine Service Providers.


There is a total of 37 awards out of which 26 awards will be voted by Seafarers (9 for Crew Employers & 17 for Training Institutes ) and the remaining 11 will be voted by Ship Owners, Managers, EPC Contractors, Oil & Gas Companies and Training Institutes offline.


ONLY seafarers with a valid INDOS number will be allowed to vote for the category relevant to their profile (predominant type of vessels currently sailing on/ served). Winners will be decided by the total “Number of Votes”; verified by a “Voting Committee”


Honorary Members of the
Voting Committee


Capt Shyam Jairam


Marine HR Expert: - Capt. Shyam Jairam  

(Fellow of CMMI , Founder member of MAPS, Panel of External Examiners of DGS and member of IMT)   

  • TS Dufferin (1970-1972) & sailed for 15 years
  •  4 years with Maritime Administration in Mumbai & then in charge of Shaw Wallace
  •  1995 – Joined Seaarland as their representative in India
  •  Chairman MASSA from 2005 - 2008
  •  2002 – 2017, Director of Seaarland Management Services India Pvt 004Ctd


Satish Kumar Bhalla

Technical Expert: - Mr.Satish Kumar Bhalla 

(Fellow of Institute of Marine Engineers)  

Training DMET (1960-1964) & Sailed for 11 years /5 years as Chief Engineer 

  • Worked in various departments of SCI i.e. Shipbuilding, Bulk carrier and liner
  • Deputed to IRISL from 1981 to 88 as Chief Technical Manger of Bulk carrier Division
  • Regional General Manager in charge of SCI Chennai Office in 1998 - 2002
  • Technical Advisor with Indian National Ship Owners’ Association from 2003 -2013